We know how to make hair feel Young.Again

January 22, 2018


We have found the Fountain of Youth in Dartmouth, MA


And we know what you’re thinking….”yeah right.” But here's a little story for you.


Way back in elementary school, we all learned about a French explorer by the name of Juan Ponce de Leon and his mission was to find the Fountain of Youth. Sailing between what is now Florida and the Caribbean, Ponce de Leon and his team stumbled upon an island where the human inhabitants looked relatively ageless.


He had found what he was looking for; but it wasn’t a fountain. It was a small yellow flower, also known as Helichrysum italicum. From this flower comes immortelle oil. The natives of this youthful island rubbed the oil on their faces as a skincare routine and the results were undeniable.


Now what does this have to do with Salon Ell? Our Kevin Murphy product line.


This immortelle oil that was seen as Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth is used in Kevin Murphy’s product line – “Skincare for the hair”! Get it now?


The Young.Again Wash, Rinse and Oil all have immortelle in them and it’s to give the hair it’s youthful bounce back. Who has the oldest hair in the room? The person with the longest hair! If you have long hair, these products are right for you!


This is a three part system so the January Kevin Murphy sale is perfect for this line. Buy two, get the third 50% off!

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