The product every client needs in their shower!

January 31, 2018


This month at Salon Ell, we had a Kevin Murphy product refresher class. If you’re not learning, you’re not progressing, and we learned even more about some of our favorite products and gained a renewed enthusiasm that we hope you'll share with us.


So we’ll keep the featured products posts rollin’! Next on the list, Kevin Murphy’s Maxi.Wash.


Maxi Wash is a detoxifying and clarifying shampoo which does not have a conditioner counterpart. It is specifically made for cleansing the hair.


Here’s what we learned about Maxi Wash during our class – the application and procedure are a bit different than your typical shampoo. When using this wash, you do not use circular motions to apply, you use a hand-over-hand method, starting at the scalp and stroking down the hair shaft all the way to the root.


The interesting thing about this shampoo is that the first application of the wash will have very little suds action if any at all. This is when you rinse and apply a second time; you will experience more bubbles. You repeat this process until you get a nice lather.


Once you have finished shampooing with this product, your hair will feel a bit rough. This is because the wash completely opens the cuticle in order to clean the hair from the inside out. For best results, go over with a different shampoo to close the cuticle, then with a KM Rinse to condition.


This product is perfect for color clients – it not only cleans the hair but completely revamps the color, specifically for our lighter clients.


Maxi.Wash is a product that should be used once a week and every client should have in their shower!

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