Is a Keratin Smoothing Treatment right for you?

March 30, 2018


So we all hear a lot about keratin treatments, right? But what exactly are they? Who is the perfect candidate for one? We’re going to explain to you what keratin is, who would benefit from this treatment and why the product we use at our salon is healthier than most you will find.


Let’s get started.


What does a keratin treatment do?
Keratin treatments reduce frizz and deliver smoother, stronger, healthier, more manageable and beautiful hair that lasts for months.


Who is the perfect candidate for a keratin smoothing treatment?
Anyone who feels their hair is too frizzy for their liking or lacking shine.


About our smoothing product:

At Salon Ell we use the Cezanne Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Cezanne is formulated with organic ingredients including Sericin, which is a component of silk. When Cezanne is applied to the hair, the Sericin bonds to the natural keratin already in your hair and it cements itself between strands of keratin proteins. It also contains keratin and gyoxyloylcarbocysteine along with Glycolic Acid, which is a well-known exfoliant and moisturizer for skin.


The treatment uses a revolutionary low pH system with a similar acidity to lemon juice used to open the cuticle and infuse the center of your hair (cortex) with a blend of Sericin, keratin, botanical extracts and vitamins, replacing lost and damaged proteins. Then heat is applied with a flat iron, closing the cuticle and locking in the blend of healthy ingredients inside the hair, protecting and smoothing the hair from the inside out.


The Cezanne keratin smoothing treatment typically lasts 3-5 months.


How is Cezanne different from other keratin treatments?

Cezanne uses healthy ingredients, first and foremost. Unlike other keratin treatments, Cezanne does not have an unpleasant smell. With most keratin treatment,s you cannot wash your hair, put your hair up, or sweat at all for three days after getting it done, but not this one! With Cezanne, if you shower, work out, get caught in a rainstorm….you are good! Also, unlike other smoothing treatments, your hair will still hold a curl and you are able to color your hair immediately after, even on the same day if you’d like!


Keratin treatments are great for this seasonal change as the humidity is coming, so we will be hosting a promotion for a limited time! If a guest receives a keratin treatment at Salon Ell, they will receive 20% off all Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner! Book your reservation now!

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