What can hard water users do to help their hair?

April 20, 2018


Because our post on sulfates in your shampoos had such a positive response, we want to educate you a little further on damaging additives to your hair… except this time, it’s not your fault!


We’re talking HARD WATER people and so many of us have it!


I’m sure you know hard water is not healthy for your hair, but what exactly is it? Hard water is water that has high mineral content. Water (H2O) is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, often calcium and magnesium are picked up through the water cycle; the more magnesium and calcium, the harder the water.


What does this mean for your hair?

Consistently washing with hard water will lead to build up which will prevent moisture from entering the hair. It will cause dry, tangled hair, it throws off the pH balance of the hair and it will wash out color faster; potentially leaving a hue that you were not going for when you saw your stylist.


What can you do to prevent hard water damage?

You can get a water softener which reduces the mineral deposits in your water, but this is an expensive solution to your problem.


There are cost efficient things you can do, however. At Salon Ell we have treatments and products that will help you to combat these issues.


Maxi.Wash by Kevin Murphy should be a hard water user’s best friend! It is a clarifying, detoxing shampoo that will remove 100% of the buildup in your hair caused by the excess minerals; usually it is recommended for clients to use Maxi.Wash once maybe twice a month, but for people with hard water it is a good idea to use this at least once a week. Follow this link to learn more about Maxi.Wash.


Balancing.Wash by Kevin Murphy is a great daily shampoo for hard water users. This shampoo’s main goal is to clean and leave the pH of the hair at a level balance. It also has antioxidants which help to prevent breakage, which is key!


Eufora Soothing Hair Body Cleanse is great for anyone with sensitive skin. Being that hard water can cause scalp irritation, Body Cleanse is perfect because aloe stem cells work to sooth and calm irritated skin and water lily in the shampoo causes moisture instantly.


Daily Shampoo by Loma is a light clarifying shampoo. This is great for any hard water user who is looking for an excellent price point; a few washes with this gently shampoo, and build up left from your water is a thing of the past.


Come into Salon Ell and ask us more about products you can use to make your hair as clean as it should be after you get out of the shower!

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